Daisy Necklace is made with organic wool and recycled elastane knitted together to create a unique textile jewel.

This necklace is the perfect statement piece to wear with a crew neck jumper over the winter season.

Daisy Necklace comes in white and black and has metallic clasp for fastening.

Each piece is entirely handcrafted in London-UK; although this design can be reproduced, there’ll be no identical pieces.

Slight variations and imperfections are inherent to the products and must be embraced as essential to the uniqueness of the objects.

Dimensions: Length approximate 49 cm.
Materials: 80% organic wool, 20% elastane.
Care instructions: This necklace has a metallic clasp for fastening therefore it can be dry-cleaned or spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

As we stive to be sustainable and environment-friendly, all the packaging are made with recycled fabrics and other recycled-reclaimed materials whenever possible.

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