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Doodle Earrings are minimal but ironic.

Handcrafted with waxed cotton and finished with sterling silver components, this earrings reflect our contemporary way to celebrate the ancient crochet technique.

Doodle Earrings are perfect for when you feel creative and playful: you can mix and match colors and shapes of this entire collection and create your own pair of earrings.  You can choose to pick just a single earring or the pair.

The Doodle Earrings  are available in 6 different colors: black, white, red, bordeaux, blue and turquoise.

Each piece is made to order in our studio in London, UK.

Although this design can be reproduced, there’ll be no identical pieces, that’s why your earring will come with a serial number.

Slight variations and imperfections are inherent to the products and must be embraced as essential to the uniqueness of the objects.

Every earring is a little pice of wearable “doodle art”, designed to “relive you from boredom”.

Dimension: 3cm X 3,5cm approx
Materials: 100% waxed cotton, Sterling Silver.
Care Instruction: keep your Doodle jewelry away from moisture to preserve the waxed shiny look.

As we strive to be sustainable and environment-friendly, all the packaging are made with recycled paper and other recycled-reclaimed materials whenever possible.









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