nodo rope basket bag
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Nodo Rope Basket Bag


Inspired by the straw baskets bags used by women in the Mediterranean countries, the simple design of this Nodo Rope Basket Bag and its fine woven texture make it unique and stylish, certainly a must have of this season.

This versatile basket bag is the perfect everyday carryall and fits all your essentials!

It’s foldable so you can fit it in your luggage and use it on your summer vacation, and when you’re tired of wearing it as a bag you can always use it as a container at home!

The Nodo Rope Basket Bag could be a great present for stylish women, romantic strollers, farmer’s market addicted and for everyone with a keen eye on original design, natural materials and good craftsmanship.

The crochet technique used to create this bag makes it particularly sturdy and resistant although soft and comfortable to hold or use around your forearm.

Nodo Rope Basket Bag is hand crafted in London with flexible and durable 100% cotton rope that can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees.

It has acrylic button for secure closure and acrylic tag with NODO’s logo engraved.

This bag is unlined.

Dimensions when laying flat: Width 38cm, Length 35cm.
Materials: 100% cotton rope.
Care Instruction: the bag can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees.

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